We’re constantly attached to a state where everything feels familiar, at ease with no efforts included.At our previous achievement, Current success and what we’ve learned recently that we fail to anticipate the more to come and the more to be achieved.

Work in Progress

Lately,I’ve been thinking of how world’s great personalities are able to still remain relevant even after years and years of being in the spotlight.Christian Ronaldo,Messi,Great authors,musicians,artists,business people.They continually improve their craft and their skills even when we think they’ve already achieved everything.One thing that stands out for me is the fact that they are their own competition.They are ever after beating their past success. They have backgrounds just like us,but their stories were never told until they went against all odds and became who they are today. If people like them who have massive following around the world,they already have cars we would like to drive,the houses we’d love to own someday and they still afford to keep going then it means one thing that moving ahead is a must for you and I.

More ahead…Keep going

Current success,Current rejections,failures,mistakes Yet still there’s more ahead.

It is so easy to get held up in your current success,your current rejection the many failures you’ve encountered and the many mistakes that you keep making along the way,just remember as long as there’s that heartbeat you can rise up from the embers and become the very person you were born to be.Taking time to look back and reflect for each of us is essential and it’s also important to look forward and consistently redefine ourselves for the future.

The point is don’t let your mind ever feel that it has already achieved what you’re meant for.There is More to be achieved.More to be gained.More skills to be learnt. More opportunities ahead.You just have to keep improving yourself every single day And With that heartbeat;Our creator,Our father says;”There’s more ahead,keep going “

Perfection is overrated

When asked what we think our lives should be like, we always picture a perfect life.No stress,enough money,success and everything in between but we fail to realise that perfection is overrated

When I started blogging,I wanted my first work to be perfect.The language,grammar, the flow and of course some wisdom all in one work.But nothing seemed to work In my favour.Before I started I didn’t know that I had an option to correct my work as many times as i would want or even add but i would never have learnt that if i didn’t put out the imperfect write up.You see when we aim for perfection,we fail to embrace a space for change.Change comes with loads of imperfect start ups,the no idea times and the blurry moments.Take the first step,It doesn’t have to be excellent but it is a starting point.

Working hard to improve ourselves isn’t wrong.The idea that everything has to be perfect is.Start ups will always be depressing as along as we aim for perfection.You see,the path may not always be as clear as you’d want it to be. Or the destination well laid out either, but with patience we can get there.Remember the many times you felt lost only to find yourself.The many times you didn’t know which path to take but still found your way.

Perfection is what kills dreams even before they’re fulfilled,passions before they’re unveiled and Potential before it’s unleashed.The first pitch won’t be perfect,neither will the first poem,or the first story but as along as imperfection allows for change you’re good to go. We just have to learn to live by choosing daily the attitude we present to the World.And the truth is, its your choice with every sunrise.


Have you ever had to wait for something so bad that you felt like giving up?we all have things we had to wait for..When we were young we couldn’t wait to be adults because for us,it seemed much fun and we didn’t think we were growing .But as we grew up we faced situations that taught us to wait.whether its waiting in queue at the bank for your turn,at school or for a person you agreed to meet or any other place.And because you can anticipate the outcome you stay in put until its your chance to be served.The treasure in some things lies in the beauty of waiting. What have you been waiting for in the longest time?

Photo by Stanley Morales

Every desire in our lives is attached to a wait. We all desire to be better,to get stronger, to heal from our past,to find our way,the right person and even the right purpose but we’re presented with waiting.Waiting allows us to experience the emotions and feelings that are attached to the seasons we’re in, the ones we can’t run away from.In those moments we get to build in parts of our lives that we didn’t even know exists.I believe waiting builds in patience ,because we have the chance to face the not so good times.We all want the best things that life can offer but the wait that comes with that only few can endure.Any person that you know great had those moments when they felt like giving up but they didn’t. They kept moving,they kept going,they waited for good days while working despite everything.

Let’s take a lesson from nature.When a farmer goes to sow his seeds does he immediately check the next day if they have sprung up? Not really! It’s a process…He would sleep and then one day,he finds the seeds already sprung up and that’s how it is with everything else.You can’t invest today and expect to earn profits the same takes time.We all have to go through a process in all we are set to do, its in this process that we experience different seasons and the beauty of life is revealed.Hard times and good times create a balance in your life.

Every time I have to wait for something, I take it upon myself to appreciate the season I am in.Its because, sometimes it can be hard to wait and so I choose to be in the season as I anticipate for what I’m waiting for.Waiting is not a guarantee that you’ll get what you want but its the guarantee of what you become in the process of waiting.


;waiting is not a guarantee that you’ll get what you want its the guarantee of what you become in the process

The great people you know had to wait for something;and so don’t give up until you get there.

;Appreciate your seasons no matter how hard they are.

;Don’t just idle when you’re waiting, work as you wait.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made evrything beautiful in time..Trust in His timing

Renewal times

Holiday screams different things; Road trips, skiing,sky diving, hitting a ride with dolpins you name it.But for me it screams nature and family.Its so easy to convince yourself that you should work more and more to get to the top but you need renewal to soar higher and higher and what better way to do this than to have recreational time.

Photo by August de Richelieu

Festivities speaks of quality time with family and peace of mind.Its the feeling I get when I’m traveling to my hometown. The urge to see everybody and just chill, be happy and create new memories.The one thing that gives me more joy is taking a walk in the woods and smelling the wild air and a chance to witness a thousands miracles from the beauty of belonging to a family and that of nature.

The joy of joining the family to celebrate family traditions has itself build in family values, a sense of belonging that has kept my head up high and the courage to keep going when hard times chip in.The narration times in the evenings with my grandparents is something everybody looks forward to. The times when Guks and shosh share the stories of how they met. Its really a funny story, and I promise to tell you someday. In such times we get to share our feelings and thoughts as we recall the priceless memories.

I get to improve my cooking skills from grandma’s specialty “Usuu wa ekie”its a type of porridge that is traditionally made and I must confess my cooking skills have been improving.From learning how to cook with 3 stones and ‘eating smoke’ has become my greatest achievement.. Since We’re a family of foodies we get to prepare meals together.Granny always has a better way of getting everyone to be involved in the kitchen to prepare these tasty meals.

We get time to go exploring. We get to take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magical whispers of old trees.The ones that hold so much memories and play times with the ability to see nature for its riches as we collect firewood or simply going in for a dip in the secrets rivers that we have discovered over the years .its in these times that we get to create memories that last a lifetime.

They’ve become my building moments, the times I don’t have to be anything but my very self surrounded by the ones I love and the ones that life has chosen to be part of me.Its in the smiles,in the stories shared,the hugs,the late nights,the farm days,the joy that comes with being you and in a place you call home.For where your home is there your heart is.

Voices in my head….

I trust there moments in your life where you too have felt like you’re barely hanging on the waves that threaten to pull you under.And when the insecurities fill your head with reasons why you should be afraid.I know that voice too well; I’ve heard it a million times in my life; it says things like You can’t do this ,you can’t handle the pressure, you’re not worthy,you’re too fat, you’re weak,simply making you doubt your potential.

Photo by Kat Jayne

The sea is vast,spacious and teeming with creatures beyond number-Living things both large and small even with all its power it constantly has waves testing its power and potential and I get to think isn’t this what we all face?Just like the sea we’re teeming with beauty and potential inside of us.There’s so much life inside of us.The amazing thing though is The same person who created the seas and everything else is also your Creator.He has instilled you with so much power that even the waves that come your way..You can withstand and come forth stronger.

Photo by laker

You’re not alone in this.we all have these days.Business people think they can’t win a contract,models think they’re not thin enough or tall and Atheletees have had their moments too.They have heard it.The voices of doubt and fear and insecurities that catalyse the urge of giving in and giving up.But in those moments you get to choose between staying In the comfort zones or daring to be like the vast sea and withstand the test of the waves

There’s always a reason why the eagle is known for its Power and persistence.When its flying in the air it doesn’t let the sound of wind and storm to stop it from soaring higher.And because you can’t silence the voice in your head like the eagle or ignore them either;instead make them your audience as you defy the limitation of what you hear in your head. The greatest battle is usually within self.This is is where legacy is made.this is where winners are made.They have heard it.The same words you hear now..The mere reason you’re hearing those voices is because you are a winner in the making.Make them your audience as you set to defy the limitation that those voices aim to set.

Photo by Tim Mossholder

And ofcourse it’s going to take awhile. A long tough ride indeed.It might also not feel safe But this is where a story is enriched and a legacy is created..Its just simple;Recognise who you are and don’t limit yourself with those voices you have knocking at your door when you’re doing new things ,moving out of your comfort zone and embarking on the unknown..

Inspired by Sarah J Roberts book: Don’t settle for less


A new year is a doorway to new Opportunities and a chance given by destiny to improve your management of time. It allows you to redefine your priorities, define your purpose and reset your goals and a chance to plan ahead. Planning gives you a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Photo by Bich Tran

Planning ahead is what blueprints is to builders.It gives you the bird’s eye view of everything you are set for;With the ability to visualise what the end result will be like,so as to evaluate ahead of time and make revisions if need be.We live in a world that is constantly changing. Times and seasons are changing and without a plan,someone else will plan for you.Planning is the most important principle of success in life. Benjamin Franklin said,”By confidently failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”This clearly shows that planning is the most important principle of success in life.You need to succeed? simple, Plan ahead!

Photo by Starup stock photo

You may then ask,how important is planning Ahead?

*You become organized

You want to be organized? PLAN AHEAD!!People who plan ahead are better organized than those who don’t. It feels good knowing you are able to accomplish your tasks for the day and that your plans are in order.Planning provides you with peace of mind.

*Boosts confidence

When you have planned your day in detail,you have the confidence in what you’re doing. This reduces the stress of not being good enough because if you believe in doing things well,planning ahead makes a world of difference to the outputs you produce.

*Enhances self discipline

Ramez Sasson said,”self-discipline is not a severe and limited behaviour or a restricted lifestyle but rather a very important ingredient for success, any form of success. For any successful person;the aspect of self discipline is always present.We have this weird belief that planning stops us from doing whatever we want. We forget that doing what needs to be done is different from what we want to do. A good plan ensures we do what needs to be done to get where we want to be.

How then do I start planning?

It’s simple, Goals.

Photo by Ann it

Goals are the first step towards planning for the future. What are your long time goals?Goals are meant to be SMART. For one to plan there’s a need to know what you really want to achieve in the Long run.You got to have that mental picture of what you want to achieve.Once you have that you can now start to plan how to achieve it.

Planning Your year in advance

When you have established your Long term goal.You need to plan your year in accordance to achieving your goal.How? Break it into months,weeks,days. It will be much easier for you achieve goals when you break them into parts;Month goals ,week goals,day goals .They need to be detailed, accounting for every moment and with the long term goal in mind.Work on yourself always.Each morning when you wake up think about it and in the evening review your progress.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs

Many fail because they do not take time to think ahead and plan for success.Without a plan you have no roadmaps to see which route you can take from where you are to where you want to be.The more you think,plan and work on your major role;the faster you’ll move towards it and the faster it will move towards you. And what better time to plan than the start of the year.You have a better chance to start a new.

Just remember your success won’t be based on your achievement compared to others but by whether you meet the mark set before you. Lester Bittel said,” Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps make elusive dreams come true”.

Christmas:Appreciating the beauty of this season..

Hey kings and queens…πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸ’–

Isaiah 9:6;For to us a child is born,to us a son is given...

It has been a challenging year for many of us..But hey…,the seasons have changed. Seasons gives us hope. the hope for a better today and an even greater future.

Christmas is the time we get to share golden moments with family and friends..its also a time to look back and appreciate all the beauty of the year; the ups and downs that contributed to this season.

Its also a time for reflection. What I did right?What I did wrong ?And the things I did to my very best…the wrongs and the rights teach you to work on yourself always because your success won’t be based on your achievement compared to others but by whether you met the mark set before you. I’m sure you did great this year…

I appreciate all the love,support and kindness through and through…..Am sending u my best wishes this Christmas πŸ’– Happy new yearπŸŽ†

Self love

Self love is a crucial element to living right. It influences the image you project out there and how you handle the challenges in your life. It is super important to your well being that you need to embrace and bring more of it into your life.

This type of love is very important. As much as we give our energy into the people we love and care about, we should have the same courtesy and give ourselves the same type of attention. Nurturing this relation impacts all our other relationships. How you feel about yourself will invite in the standard relationships you will be accepting into your life .

You literally be teaching others how to love you by how you love you. It happens that when we love and get into relationships we tend to give our everything to the other person and without realizing it we lose ourselves and forget to love ourselves. We forget how it was to really take care us and we become a shadow of our own self. We forget that before this person came along there was you. The You that went out with friends,The you that used to attend Yoga classes every weekend,The you that forgot about You….And you begin to want that attention from your partner not knowing that you forgot you.

We use all our attention trying to cover our imperfections from the rest of the world. Back in primary in one CRE lesson,our teacher told us to write something we didn’t like about ourselves. Everyone had something to write about. Some wrote their face ,their teeth,their feet and even that which you don’t like about you.

I also had something to write about. My ears. My ears are super tinyπŸ˜‚. When the teacher saw what I wrote she couldn’t believe it. She said that my ears were one of the best..I could even hear whispers from afar without intending to. I could recall things that everyone would forget in class. I hated my super cute ears not knowing its what my teacher loved about me. And from that day,I embraced my imperfections because the things we despise so much about ourselves maybe that’s what people love about you, embrace that … its what you are and no one can change that and trust me that’s what makes you authentic Its what stands out about you.

Self love is a process and its worth it. It is a daily affair. You got to love you every single day and with the best way you can. Sometimes we get it right ,sometimes we don’t. But hey, you should give yourself credit for the good you have done.

Start by appreciating all the beautiful things about you,forgive yourself,set limits and discover this awesomeness You got so that you can influence the world with the authenticity of your personality. Live richly.

Nature riches

How often do you take time to explore nature?How much effort do you use to check the details of things around you?From the flowers,to the trees ,to the birds of the air and everything else that nature has..Nature contains lessons of wisdom that we can learn from. The different creation of God bring forth some type of wisdom our way.

Well today,we’ll consider the four insignificant little creatures that we consider very stupid yet we can learn a lot from. They include the ants,conies, locusts and lizards. How much effort have you spend trying to destroy them(I’m a culprit tooπŸ˜‚) rather than observing the wisdom their creator gave them?Agur from the bible pointed out that much wisdom can be acquired from each of these small creatures.

Who can be foresightful as the ant?They are not strong yet they are hardworks. Gather at harvest and store their food in summer in preparation of the dark,cold days approaching. They know the principle of Saving and how hard it will be for them find food in winter so they give it their all. We should have this virtue of not only preparing for today but also for the future.

Who is as secure as the conies?They are feeble yet they are wise enough to know that a strong home is in the rocks. They make their homes not on the rocks but in the rocks. Depend on the Rock that is greater than you. That is God. Let him be your security and He will take care of you always. You have to build a home in your heart and He will keep you safe always.

Who is as cooperative as the locusts? They have no king or leader yet they advance together in ranks. When they land on grass they eat everything within a minute. Locusts aren’t lone workers,they always go together and fly together therefore proving the saying if you want to go fast,go alone but if you want to go far,work with others. There’s some aspects in our lives that require working with others and some working by yourself. However you are working. Be cooperative not just with yourself but with others too.

Lizards can be caught by the hand yet they are found in king’s palaces. The lizards teaches the aspect of patience,persistence and perseverance. Being caught by the hand presents the kind of obstacles you will have to face inorder to achieve your dreams. Being found in kings palaces is where you are meant to be. You have to be patient enough in order to achieve your goal. You have to persevere to get there.

There’s wisdom in nature. Take a look at it with discernment and God who understands the way to it and knows where it dwells will show you so that whatever you find to do,you will do it with all your heart like these creatures do!They never despise the little beginnings nor their little strength because they know they are their stepping stones to greatness.

Run your race

From the moment we grace this world through our births, the world knows a unique and peculiar potential is born. A race is set up before us. A path for you to take.

This race is a progressive factor and as one grows the races becomes more clear. For you to start becoming that which you were meant to be in the first place,you got to ask yourself What type of a journey am I really in?

When I visit our upcountry home,I am always intrigued by the beautiful mountains and the many trees. There’s always a distance from the trees to the mountains and I get to think isn’t this what life’s about? There are paths for one to take in order to reach the tallest of mountains. The paths may be numerous but I think there’s a unique path for each and everyone to take in order to reach your destination.

Trees that I see are a true representation of the different things that life brings our way. We have fruity trees,thorny trees, shady trees and the chirping of birds.

The fruity trees represents the people that are there to stand with you every time,they could be family or friends. They are the ones who teach you to trust yourself and hold still because they believe you can do it.

The thorny trees represent the situations and and obstacles that teach you lessons;That you should embrace your journey. They teach you to stay true to yourself and remain who you are despite the changes of life.

The shady trees represents the people that are there to comfort you when you are down,they give you the encouragement to keep going despite the obstacles and turn the other cheek when criticized.

The chirping of the birds represents the people who are there to cheer you on. It may not be family or friends but most of the time it is strangers who believe in you when no one else does.

The pathways are a representation of your journey itself. Your journey is very unique to you;because some obstacles that you are presented with only you can tackle and with the only way you can.


Having seen that your parents,friends and strangers will only motivate you to face your challenges head on and give you the moral support to keep going;it means no one can take on your race but yourself. That is a very huge responsibility. But there’s hope,you don’t have to feel alone because God is there for you. He says He is the way,the truth and life. All you got to do is acknowledge Him and give him that position in your life and He will show you your way;The path to take with all the truth that you need and most definitely show you the path of life. He will show you the way you should go.

God entrusted this journey to you because He believed that only you could take it;only you could handle the pressure,only you could smile in challenges. You got to stay true to yourself with the few steps you take everyday that are a guarantee that you can run your race and find your way,Fight head on,remain who you are and above all ‘KEEP THE FAITH.’